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About The Faculty



    The electrical and mechanical engineering faculty has been opened by the 44 decision of AlBaath University in 1977 year, in Homs city.    The teaching process started at the beginning of 1995-1996 academic year in a building related to the education ministry.    At the beginning of 2000-2001, it temporarily moved to the science faculty building.    The moving to the new building of mechanical and electrical engineering faculty has been achieved in total building area about 50000 2 .    The student was attending at the mechanical or electrical engineering department. The electrical engineering student was determine at the beginning of the fourth year between the electrical and electronic engineering , while the mechanical engineering student  was determine between the production and mechanical power engineering .    We have been started new specializations at 2002-2003, (energy-electron, automatic control) for electrical engineering students, and (power, production) specializations for mechanical engineering students.    In 2007-2008 a new department has been opened (mechatronics department) and at 2009-2010 (metals department).    The faculty contains more than 82 lecturer , 48 teaching assistant , most of them are delegate and the rest are about to be in different specializations .There are 114 technical engineers , 37 official engineers , 77 officers including employees ,messengers and technicians .    Nowadays , the faculty is self-sufficiency ,besides that , it does not use any lecturer or technician out of the university , in the contrary , it sends some of them to teach in other faculties , in Homs , Hamah , and Damascus .    The number of students has been significantly increased at the last few years from 148 first year students to 5500 in 2013-2014.    The faculty starts to award Master and Doctoral degrees in the departments of(Mechanical power engineering, design and production, automatic control and computers, electrical and communications, and electrical power engineering).    Recently, the faculty will start awarding master and doctoral degree in (metals and mechatronics engineering).    It also awards a Diploma of qualification and specialization degree in solar and accepts about 30 students yearly.    The faculty aims to :1 –Prepare engineers for several (mechanical, electrical and electronic)         specializations.2 –Participate in the scientific researches and postgraduate studies, especially, that aim to develop the economic field in Syria.3 –Develop the research and teaching methods and take part in authorship and translation processes and establishing the necessary laboratories to activate the available experiences to serve the society.4 – Manage training, qualifying and teaching courses.5 – Take part in holding national and international conferences and seminars.6 – Raise up the student's personality fully, scientifically and socially, and increasing his desire for work and scientific research and applying the latest science developments and its applications in his specialization field.7 – Encourage the cultural, artistic, social and athletic activities.8 – Strengthen the cultural and scientific relationships between local, Arab, and foreign universities and organizations.9 – Activate the relation between the university and the community in order to develop the society.   


The dean of mechanical and electrical Engineering faculty

Prof. Souhel Hanna


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